Clean processes –
what, how and why.

When people talk about wind turbines, you’ll often hear words like ‘clean’, ‘pure’, ‘safe’ or ‘environmentally friendly’, and rightly so. However, wind turbines need oils and lubricants in order to operate properly, and people also have to work at great heights and on machinery with moving parts, all of which makes servicing wind turbines extremely challenging.

Availon has a great responsibility, then, both towards people and towards the environment. The fact that we not only have a clean conscience in this respect, but also ensure a clean environment is due in no small part to our certified management system, which helps to provide optimum quality and safety.

Service solutions

Bespoke services Aligned to the requirements of your wind turbine generator.

Material Testing

We ensure the stability and rigidity of your WTG with our subsidiary company WPT-Nord GmbH.

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