Availon environmental
management – not just a certificate.

Companies in the renewable energy sector are serious about the environment. As a consequence, DNV GL also certified our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. We have undertaken not only to keep all the relevant laws but also to achieve our own, very ambitious, environmental goals.

The most important goal is to reduce any environmental impacts. Our environmental management system ensures that we can identify and meet applicable regulations and customer requirements. But that’s only the first step, so we go further. For example, before we do something – activities, products or processes, or anything else – we put a lot of thought into how it might affect the environment.

Black on White for even more green.

We want to contribute to protecting our environment
… by optimizing our services so that they consume fewer resources, by thinking ahead and to prevent risks and by handling environmentally hazardous substances responsibly.

We want to assess potential environmental effects in advance
… for every new activity, every new product and every new process.

We want to advise all our customers appropriately
… about the environmental aspects of our products.

We want to keep our staff well informed
… so that they can monitor and assess the effects of what they are doing on the immediate environment at any time, and are in a position to monitor and assess the key impacts of their activities more generally as well.
DNV GL issues Availon with a third-party certificate for quality, work safety and environmental management at its Rheine, Hamburg, Erfurt, Madrid and Rome sites.

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