Taking occupational safety
seriously. At every turn.

Wind energy is full of challenges, both technical and human, for it is our staff who listen to what our customers want and need, and make it happen.

Because this is such a key role, we regard the health and safety of our staff as a fundamental principle of the way we do business. Accident prevention is therefore our primary objective. And we are equally concerned about the wellbeing of our customers, suppliers and visitors and the staff of our partner companies.


More work for even more protection.

We want to keep everyone safe and healthy
… all our staff, all the time, wherever they are. To keep our staff healthy and performing well, we:

  • create and maintain the right kind of work environment,
  • analyze hazards in the workplace before anything happens, and do all we can to eliminate them,
  • refrain from using harmful substances (hazardous substances) or at least minimise their use and
  • ensure that comprehensive, effective emergency assistance is available to all staff and visitors.

We want to look after companies that work for us
… by choosing, informing and advising them in a way that upholds and guarantees all the rules and standards that apply in workplace safety, health and environmental protection.

We want to prevent accidents of all types
… by taking effective, long-lasting preventive measures.

We want to be proactive in promoting and supporting workplace protection
… so workplace safety is an essential element of our corporate culture.
DNV GL issues Availon with a third-party certificate for quality, work safety and environmental management at its Rheine, Hamburg, Erfurt, Madrid and Rome sites.

The components of the EHS system.

We set achievable goals for the continuous improvement of work safety.

We communicate goals, hazards and options for improvements. Only in this way can we effectively improve safety. We use all available forms of communication for this purpose.

We use risk assessment as a primary tool to specifically increase safety and to identify and develop opportunities for improvement.

We support the compliance of our employees by providing them with transparent and acceptable regulations. Every supervisor shares responsibility for compliance with these regulations.

We include all of the company’s contractual partners in our safety policy. Thus, the requirements stipulated as part of our health and safety management also logically apply to our partner companies, buyers, suppliers and account executives.

We ensure the continuous improvement of all processes by auditing ourselves on a regular basis. We also have audits performed on us by independent companies.

Workplace safety is an essential aspect of our corporate culture that we live out in practical ways every day. As the executive managers at Availon GmbH, we are responsible for making sure this happens. We also urge staff to work with us to ensure that the measures are implemented. Our environmental health and safety system, which is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, informs our strategy.

Management: Ulrich Schomakers, Markus Spitzer

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