Availon launches energy management business

Availon Energy Management GmbH (AEM) is the newly established Availon subsidiary. As an interface, AEM complements Availon GmbH’s technical service solutions by offering customer-specific energy management, wind performance forecasts, direct marketing support, contract management and further commercial services. 

Among other areas, AEM focuses on the calibration and optimisation of wind forecasts, which are in part based on the specific features of the respective wind farms. The standardisation of communications between all areas makes it easier for service companies, senior management and energy traders to coordinate their activities. It also enables the usage of uniform procedures in the event that deficits are discovered. The financial reporting process looks at the areas of liquidity, interest rate development and insurance and profit-related contracts.

AEM already manages commercial and technical matters relating to wind turbine generators with a total capacity of almost 100 MW. The Availon subsidiary furthermore offers equally optimised and calibrated wind performance forecasts for a total of 190 MW.

The complementary AEM services are aimed at both large and small wind farm operators, managers, energy suppliers, public services, investors and direct marketers. “For operators, it is not just the number of kilowatt hours produced that matters but the yield per kilowatt hour”, stated Availon Managing Director Markus Spitzer, describing customer requirements.

“The extent of our support depends on the customer’s needs. We offer our services in a modular format or as an all-in-one package.”

Availon hired Claudio Papa to head AEM. As a qualified economist, 36-year-old Claudio Papa from Kassel has managed numerous wind projects both domestically and abroad over the last 12 years. His expertise includes planning and creating wind farms, project financing and technical and commercial support. “We are delighted to welcome Claudio Papa to AEM”, commented Markus Spitzer. “Thanks to him and his team of experts, Availon can now offer all services from a single source.”

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