Danish company trusts in Availon  for its full service needs

Among other businesses, the Danish company Momentum Gruppen employs Availon for the servicing of its wind turbine generators (WTGs). In this context Momentum Gruppen has decided to delegate all its WTGs to the Availon full service -and maintenance agreement.

Momentum Gruppen was established in the year of 1986. Since 2000 Momentum Gruppen have specialized in development, sale, technical, and commercial management of wind and solar energy projects. Danish investors, in particular, place their trust in the long-standing competence and experience of this company who are based in Roskilde, Denmark.

“At present time, we have over 95 wind turbine generators, with a total output of around 130 MW, in our portfolio and are currently supporting some 150 clients” - states Kim Madsen, CEO and founder of Momentum Gruppen.

As the technical and commercial manager of investments, Momentum Gruppen wishes to ensure one thing in particular for its clients: a high degree of security for their investments in regenerative energies.

“For us, minimizing the risk for our clients has top priority. This is why we attach great importance to working with reliable partners who are able to offer comprehensive and highly proficient technological service for the WTGs in our portfolio“ - Kim Madsen explains.

Momentum Gruppen first came into contact with Availon 4 years ago. They were experiencing problems with the service performance of a WTG manufacturer with sites in Germany. Kim Madsen states:

“We were thoroughly convinced by the Availon service concept and the performance provided by the company. Availon has never disappointed us in the course of the partnership. The promises made in relation to output and availability of the WTGs have been met every time.”

Momentum Gruppen currently has 15 WTGs with a total output of 30 MW under contract with Availon.

“We have established full service agreements for all the WTGs either right from the start or by gradually replacing the basic agreements” - Kim Madsen.

As far as full service on WTG is concerned there are, in the CEO’s opinion, only few alternatives to Availon:

“The full service agreements concluded with Availon ideally complement our strategy, as our customers want no unexpected problems and no incalculable risks or unforeseen costs in the operation of their WTGs. On this background, the full service concept of Availon has proved to be a great success for us.” - Kim Madsen

Momentum Gruppen is consistently expanding its portfolio and are continuing to have focus on leveling with its clients’ interest. This, among other things, means to be able to provide with a high level of flexibility in choice of WTG service provider. This is made possible by a framework agreement the company has concluded with Availon for GE® and Vestas® wind turbines. This agreement makes it possible for Momentum Gruppen to offer its clients independent servicing and maintenance for WTGs supplied by both manufacturers.
"Vestas" is a registered trademark of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, DK.

"GE" is a registered trademark of GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, US.

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