WTGs - a target for thieves. Access monitoring  puts a stop to loss and damage

Availon GmbH, one of the world’s leading independent providers of services for wind turbine generators (WTGs), can now offer an important new upgrade in the form of a WTG access monitoring system.

Metal stealing is big business. Prime targets are all out-of-the-way locations, including WTGs, as thieves believe they can go to work there undisturbed. And they usually proceed with absolute brute force, resulting in massive damage and destruction to fittings and equipment. The items stolen also often include remote monitoring systems and machine components. On top of which, the outdoor area around the WTG entrance is likely to suffer severe damage in the course of raids of this kind. What is left is extensive damage, all the time and trouble of filing insurance claims, expensive repair work - depending on the insurance terms – and loss of income while the WTG is at a standstill.

With the new “WTG Access Monitoring” upgrade from Availon, events of this kind can be stopped before they start, as effective prevention paired with targeted deterrence will literally stop even the boldest thieves in their tracks.

The Access Monitoring solution is independent of the WTG control system and consists of a motion sensor connected via GSM modem to the remote monitoring service, a signal device that triggers an acoustic alarm on or in the immediate vicinity of the WTG itself, and an acoustic sensor installed inside the WTG.

If an unauthorized person approaches the WTG and, ignoring a warning sign, enters the sensing area of the motion sensor, an alarm signal is immediately sent via GSM modem to the remote monitoring facility. At the same time, a highly audible acoustic alarm signal is triggered at the WTG itself to act as a deterrent. If the intruder leaves the area covered by the motion sensor, the alarm turns itself off.

If, however, the unwanted visitor stays in the entrance area to the WTG, the remote monitoring personnel can link in via the acoustic sensor located inside the WTG and so eavesdrop on whatever is going on there. If suspicious noises can be heard, indicating criminal activity, it is possible to respond immediately and, for example, prevent someone from illegally accessing the WTG by calling the police.

For inspection or service work, all that is needed is a phone call by the service team on site to the responsible remote monitoring personnel with a request to deactivate the access monitoring system for the duration of the work. And if a service technician should accidentally trigger the alarm, he will be soon reminded by the acoustic signal. All that he then has to do is leave the area covered by the motion sensor and officially register the visit by calling the remote monitoring personnel on his mobile.

The new upgrade is available immediately and is ideal for not only reliably monitoring WTGs but also other facilities such as transformer and transfer stations, which are becoming increasingly popular with metal thieves.
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