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Why would anyone invest a lot of money to erect a WTG when they know in advance that its yield can sink long before the end of its life span? Unlike manufacturers, who are less concerned with this question than in the development of new WTG types, our engineers are continually engaged with developing solutions for the maintenance and development of existing turbines.

Be it upgrades that offer general advantages or specific solutions tailor-made to the needs of a particular WTG. We also share the underlying knowledge behind our solutions with our clients. For example, by providing them with a hotline staffed by experts available to answer specialized technical questions 24 hours a day. Supporting our customers is not an extra service, but a matter of course for us.

Case studies

Based on our longstanding experience gained from over 1,000 MW of turbines managed throughout Europe, we develop optimization solutions from practical experience for practical applications. Our engineers understand your requirement for constant high yields – and know the strengths and weaknesses of different WTGs inside out.

Below are some examples of efficient optimization solutions.

  • Full refurbishment of WTG incl. drive train, rotor blades, pitch system, controller, converter and other components
  • Increased difficulty as the gearbox had not been commercially available for some time
  • Updating of systems to the latest technology
  • Developing a repair solution for the gearbox
  • Creating an overall solution not requiring dismantling of the machine head, which would have been too costly in this case
  • Whilst the main components were refurbished, other systems, such as converters, brake system, controller and ventilation equipment were upgraded.
  • Refurbishment of rotor blades on site
  • Project completed within 4 months
  • Overall costs were nearly half of those quoted by the manufacturer
  • The newly installed condition monitoring system for the main components allows better planning of repairs
  • As a result of the upgrading measures, the turbine achieved a very satisfactory level of technical availability and yield for the owner after refurbishment.
  • Frequent failure of frequency converters in a wind farm at an Italian site exposed to very high ambient temperatures
  • Owners were forced to stock large quantities of spare parts on site and tie up respective capital
  • The availability of WTGs was considerably reduced and the overall efficiency of the wind farm did not correspond to forecasts
  • The problem was analyzed and remedied using the proven DMAIC method (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
  • An inadequate air flow in the converter section and the hot air given off by the below medium-voltage transformer resulted in extreme temperatures in the converter section. The missing air exchange (no supply of fresh air and no dissipation of used air) basically resulted in thermal short-circuiting
  • A new ventilation concept was developed for the converter section, using fresh air from the cabinet door and effectively removing exhaust air from this section and the unit through a duct
  • Installation of a separate fan, blowing fresh air through the bottom transformer and top converter racks, considerably increased air flow
  • The general temperature of the converter was reduced by ensuring the constant operation of the integrated fan.
  • There were no longer any costs for stocking spare parts
  • Availability of the wind farm was increased and the overall efficiency is now as forecasted
  • Thermal short-circuiting has been eliminated and the life of the converters now corresponds to their normal service life
  • The owner of a large wind farm faced the threat of having his operating license withdrawn because of a completely defective obstruction light system
  • The system was a one-off design for which no spare parts were available and which could not be fully reinstalled
  • None of the control cabinets, electrical components and cables, light fixings or components could be reused as part of a new system
  • The AC voltage system and inverter were also not suitable for modern obstruction lights
  • A standard obstruction light system was selected and the individual modification for use in this wind farm was planned
  • Specific light fixings and other system components were designed and produced
  • The control cabinet and electrical connections were designed, built and installed
  • The electrical supply was changed to a modern battery backup system
  • Controller parameters were changed accordingly
  • Despite of the use of specific components, the owner was provided with a solution of an obstruction light system for which spare parts are freely available
  • The threatened withdrawal of the operating license was prevented
  • The general updating of the system ensures a reliable operation and high level of availability

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