WTG service tailor-made.

A unique service offer: four times over.

Our service offer isn’t just different from those offered by other companies. It has also been designed to vary from customer to customer. For all brands and, thanks to our maintenance and optimization modules, also so flexible that the service is perfectly coordinated to your WTG. You benefit from safer, more reliable and more effective wind turbines.

It all begins with our four WindKeeper® service packages:

An overview of our service packages.

Basic Modular 
Complete Modular 
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Maintenance modules

My WindKeeper®
Remote monitoring 24/7/365        
Wear parts package        
Oil exchange        
Maintenance of rotor blades        
Unscheduled Maintenance   *    
Maintenance of frequency converter (GE®)        
Major components     *  
Availability guarantee     *  
Technical availability, calculation and report        
Safety component inspection of safety components        
DGUV regulation 3 & SF6 inspection        
External maintenance for GE® transformer station        
Inspection of drive train L        
Inspection of drive train XL        
Inspection of drive train XXL        

Optimisation modules

Upgrades Vestas®          
Carbon brush package        
Slip-ring box suction system        
Yaw drive monitoring        
Replacement of rotor cables        
Arc sensor        
Permanent lubrication system yaw gear ring        
Upgrades Gamesa®          
Permanent lubrication system of yaw gear        
Arc sensor        
Remote monitoring for Gamesa® WTGs        
Upgrades GE®          
Kidney filtration system        
Gearbox position monitoring        
Grid coupling contactor        
Permanent lubrication system of main bearing        
Permanent lubrication system of generator bearing        
Permanent lubrication system for yaw gear ring        
Permanent lubrication system of pitch gear ring        
Axis cabinet ventilation        
Ice-free sensors        
WTG Inspections (To be checked approx. every 12 month on request)          
Non-destructive material testing        
Visual condition check        
Dye penetration test for detecting cracks        
Crack inspection via magnetic particle testing        
Ultrasound inspection if necessary        
Documentation and photos        
Special test methods for different types of gearbox in their installed state        
Checking for cracks/lateral cracks on rotor shaft below the seat of the main bearing        
Examination of concrete foundations and reinforcement (Ground Penetration Radar)        
Examination of mounting bracket (UT Phased Array Technology)        
Maintains WTG’s operational reliability        
Certified repair procedures        
Short downtimes        
Damage repair via welding procedure in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14175 I1        
Prevention and/or delay of recurrent crack formation in components under dynamic loads        
Lifetime service concepts        
Continuous monitoring and repair up to the end of the operating time of the WTG        
One-time repair on a time/material basis        
Radii relieve small cracks        
Includes measuring of machine base frame (photogrammetry)        
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* This module is only available when combined with at least one other specific module. Please contact our sales department.
Four times the security.
All our service packages offer the possibility for subsidiary insurance through a well-established, Independent insurance brokerage with whom we have partnered for years. For the securing of residual risks, a framework contract will be developed that offers you tailor-made insurance protection at attractive conditions.

Please contact us if you are interested!


These modules are available on request for selected turbine types from Vestas® and GE®. Service packages are available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. All contracts are written in German and English. WindKeeper® Basic, WindKeeper® Basic Modular and WindKeeper® Complete Modular permit a conclusion of contract until the 20th year of operation. With WindKeeper® Complete it is possible to extend the deadline for conclusion of contract to the 20th year of operation. All product, service and technical specifications on the Availon website are non-binding and not to be misconstrued as actual terms of contract. The terms and conditions of each contract are subject to the explicit agreements of the contract parties..

* This module is only available in combination with at least one other chosen module. Please contact a sales representative for more details. Our sales.

"GE" is a registered trademark of GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, US.
“Gamesa” is a registered trademark of GAMESA CORPORACION TECNOLOGICA, S.A., Spain


Tailor- made.
High-precision. Perfectly networked.

Services and upgrades for your WTG


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